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1 Hour of HD Video [bb-zip-2]

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Zipset #2 : One Hour HD Video   |   145 Images   |   1:01:37 Minute Video   |   1.66 GB

THIS video starts out with BrAtFaCe wearing her pjama sweats with no panties. Watch the crazy poses that phil-flash and pete-flair make her do on the couch! The pile driver, naked, and a variety of other poses.

THEN upstairs to shoot our last photo set of this shoot. Watch the Bratty one put on her boots and take all of the crap that we gave her during the shoot! It is quite entertaining.

NOW downstairs again... Pete and I managed to talk Brittany into dancing on the pole. Still rolling non-stop HD! Brat dances a few songs and then starts to get all hot. She offers to give us a "show" if we turn the video camera off. Holy friggin show!

Brittany pretty much did a non nude masturbation scene! THE CATCH is that Pete did not turn off the video camera.

THe music stopped playing and you can even hear what is going on under her pantyhose! That is if you can hear it between the fuck sounds that she makes :) The next time that you talk to Brittany... ask her how her pussy tastes...

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