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18 Minutes of Soaked & Wetness! [kk-zip-3]

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Zipset #3 : Kristi - Soaked & Wet   |   62 Images   |   18:55 Minute Video  |  75 HD Screencaps  |  472 MB

phil-flash --> Watch Kristi and I play in the sink with her body and the water sprayer... I started off letting her do it... but ah... you she did not know how to do it correctly... LOL

I wash her ass, fill her mouth up with water and she spits it down her chin, I sprayed her panty covered pussy... and then somehow she regained control of the sprayer.

So she's sitting in the sink spraying water all over the friggin place... and I decided we need some more p-f control. So I have her standing in the middle of the kitchen... she ends up taking a shower in the middle of the kitchen... wtf is going on!

I had her do a standidn booty bounce while spraying water all over her ass... I got her ass bent over and shot up and gave her a budaaaa or whatever the Frenchies call that thing... her white tank top was DRENCHED... she sprayed water down her panties... she got down kneeling in the HUGE puddle of water on the kitchen floor and I had her bounce her ass cheeks up and down in it... that was SWEET to see... it looks as if she is on top fucking... there is water splashing all over the place... and the sound sounds like a super wet pussy getting hit from behind.

On her knees... I needed to get fluids into her mouth... so I sprayed at her face and she opened her mouth and took the water blast to the face.

Face Down Ass Up she gets... and I gave her phat ass another shower. Some more ass cheek slammin into the floor... I turned her around so that we could see her tits bounce up and down while she slammed herself into the floor puddle... then... guess what... I got her to slam her ass cheeks into the floor again... that shit was hot... I couldn't stop filming that. Poor girl... her thighs must have been burning... HAHAHA!

She started rubbing her pussy through her panties a little... slapped it a few times... started playing with her nipples and tits... and finished the video off with Kristi's patented pussy squeeze... friggin hot!

Kristi --> You have no idea how sexy i felt while filming this video. Theres was something so orgasmic, about water running down my body dripping down to my panties leaving me soaking wet.

The cold breeze coming through the kitchen made it easy for my nipples to stay rock hard.

Watch me get spread down from top to bottom leaving my shirt see through and my panties dripping wet.

luv always kk

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