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27 Minute Baby Oil Pool Session [mqt-zip-5]

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Zipset #5 - 27 Minute Baby Oil Pool Session  |   189 Screen Caps   |    00:27:38 Total Video Runtime   |   691 MB

This zip set was originally supposed to be a video for Megan's site. The more Megan touched herself and rubbed baby oil all over herself... the hotter it got... so I stopped the video real quick and told her to keep going... this shit is hot... we'll make it into a zip set!

The video starts out with Megan standing in the baby oil pool and she pours baby oil onto her ass and legs. She bends over to rub it inot her leg and exposes her hot ass and legs to the camera.

She gets on her knees facing the camera and splatters baby oil all over her chest and belly... now she is shiny and it looks HOT! With her legs open Megan starts to make sure that her blue meshy panties are getting wet with baby oil.

On her hands and knees... ass facing the camera... Megan rubs it into her ass and teases us with that phat, juicy, shiny ass. She pulls that panties down under her ass cheeks... and if you pause it... you can see her asshole. What a good girl she is :)

She undos her top straps and reveals her sexy bare back and dimples!

On her back Megan tweeks her nipples and girates her crotch at the camera. She lifts her hips and spreads her legs so that her crotch is facing my camera.

back over to her hands and knees she gives us a hip rolling show... kind of booty dancing but not really... then oh shit! Her hand goes right down her panties and cops a feel of her own asshole. I dunno what it is... but Megan likes to touch her asshole... how interesting eh?

Megan lies onto her back and gets rid of those annoying panties... one had/arm covering her tit... she rolls and slides around teasing us with HOPES of seeing her stuff.

Megan gets into a face down ass up position (NUDE but hand covered)... but it is waaaaaaaaaaaay hot vision. When she comes up her left tit is completely exposes and she didn't even realize it... hehehe

Back on her back... still NAKED... legs open... and one hand on her crotch and one over her tits... soooo looks like she is masturbating! Megan is teasing us to death right now! She rolls over onto her stomach and rubs her ass crack and crotch... what a lucky girl... she gets to feel herself up and we don't! pfffffffffffffffft!

On her knees and facing the camera... she grinds her hips and touches her pussy... she slides her pussy back and forth onto the slippery floor of the baby oil pool. We get a nice little show of her hand covered crotch here...

This video is a have to have if you like shiny girls, baby oil, or Megan!

Here is Megan's actual description:

Megan --> Well... this HOTTTT Zip set started off as a video for my site... After gettin all oiley and rubbin all over myself phil finally stoped the tape and was like.. hey... keep going and this is going to be a zip set! So he began to roll the tape again and this is what came out... if you guys love the way I move in my dance videos you will love the way I move in this video... something about the oil anf the music and havin nothing on.... I was really into it!! I KNOW you will love it too..... MUAH!

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