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2nd Shoot - Unedited / Unreleased [mqt-unedited-2]

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MeganQt 2nd Shoot - Unedited/Unreleased   |   8 Sets - 307 Images - 3 Clips    |  276MB

Back again with Megan's second photo shoot. These pictures (and 3 clips) are what I like to call nostalgic! They are right off the camera. If you look at the image data you will see the exact date and time I shot them (2002). WITH the Canon Powershot S200... that thing is an antique already...

Anyway... if you are a Megan lover... this is for you.

Originally released from this shoot were 160 pictures. NOW... there are 307 pictures and 3 clips.

Image Dimensions: 1200x1600

Clip Dimensions: 480x360

Add this to your MeganQt collection today!

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