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Baby Oil ALMOST nakednessssss! [kk-zip-1]

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Zipset #1 : Baby Oil Hotnesssssss   |   96 Images   |   17:17 Minute Video  |  440 HD Screencaps  |  538 MB

phil-flash --> Wow... shooting Kristi in the babyoil pool was a fantastic experience! I love these non nude girls that wear sheer tops... um yeah... sheer tops are non nude... but I can see your fucking nipples... hehe

This set is ah... dick hardening! Watching Kristi oil herself up and rub down her almost naked body is fucking sweet! Then to make her get on all 4's with her big phat ass in my camera lense... and squirt babyoil right onto her tiny g-string covered butthole is ah... absolutely lovely to watch!

You also get to see Kristi do some... fake asshole and pussy fingering. I mean she doesn't actually do it... but she does this little trick that looks just as if she is doing it... and you can ah... choke your chicken to that for sure!

I hope that you Njoy the set!

Kristi --> Hey guys, you think you saw the best of me?? Well you have no idea what you will be missing if you pass me up today!

This hot baby oil set will have you waiting for more of me. Inside you will see my wet drenched ass and panties slipping and sliding all over the place. Watch my ass and crotch pound the ground while my super sheer shirt inches its way off my tight little body.

My nipples trying to escape their way out of my sheer shirt for your pleasurable viewing. Join to see ass clapping, grabbing, shaking, and slapping. Click to get inside me...i mean inside the zipset!

luv always kk

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