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Baby Oil & Sauna = Hotter Than Hell [mqt-zip-4]

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Zipset #4 Baby Oil Sauna Show   |   74 Images   |   127 Screencaps   |   00:43:19 Total Video Runtime   |   1.11 GB

THIS ZIP SET contains 74 curly, shiny, leggy, super hot pictures of Megan! There are also 127 screencaps of the 43 minute video included.

The 43 minute HD video starts off with Megan pouring water onto the hot sauna rocks... she then leans back with her legs crosses and teases us with her sexy platform heeled feet and legs.

She opens her legs... my camera goes for right for the crotch. YUM! The awkward silence of the sauna room... and the little noises that Megan makes with each movement are mind fucking! She keeps her legs spread and puts her hand underneath those sheer panties all the while I am shooting straight down on that hot box of hers!

She wicked weasels her panties and rubs her pussy for a few quick rubs.

Now Megan is on her back with her shiny baby oil lubed legs up in the air... then she pulls her sheer top up to her kneck like a tramp and reveals her little red tape x's over her nipples. Megan lets out a gasp... and complains of the extreme heat... hehehe

Megan pushes her hips up and reveals an up ass shot for my camera. She spreads her cheeks and plays a little...

Now Megan is sitting on the bench facing my camera... she spreads her legs out really wide so that the heels are on each side wall. What a lovely view that is! THose super leg muscles she has all tightened... and her head and neck all slammed into the wall... AND... her hand down her panties again :) The looks that Megan gives the camera are those... ah... rare ones! You know... the only time you see them is when she does a baby oil set :)

Now Megan is on her back still... and her panties pulled down to her thighs... she looks at the camera through her panties and covers her goodies with her hand. WOW... so hot! It is fun to see Megan progress into these zip sets... if she only knew what she would be doing when she started out at the ripe age of 18... :)

WIth her knees on the hard wood bench... and baby oil running down her back... right into the crack of her ass and crotch... Megan's hand slips down her panties and rubs up and down her ass... you know... rubbing her asshole. The sound of the baby oil and and rubbing is um... again... mind fucking!

Now Megan faces the camera with that top pulled up over her chest again... and dumps more baby oil down onto her tits and lets it run down to her hot pussy. She keeps her legs open like a good girl and rubs the baby oil into her tits and belly... the red taped nipples is great... because she appears to be comletely topless! Incredible for the imagination :)

I gave Megan a pitcher of cold ass water to cool her down... she pours it over her tits and belly to cool off. Hearing her cold water gasps is hotter than hell... watching the water from a crotch up view is even hotter!

Now with the heels off... Megan faces the wall, spreads those beautiful legs, tip toes to show off her muscular calves and thighs... and bends on over to show us a spectacular view!

Sitting in the corner... Megan removes the red x tape from her tits... and starts to rub them! She places her curly hair over them so that she can move around a little and we can just hope for a nip to slip on through. Legs open again... she applies more baby oil to those tits! Ah... yes... she pulls the top down... at least now we can see her nipples through the arge sheer holes in the top.

I stood over Megan and shot down from above her head... we now watch her tease us with her panteis... she pulls them down as far as she can without revealing her goods. Her hand slips down her panties and make wet noises with her baby oil soaked pussy.

This shit is hard to describe guys... it is hotter than fucking hell!

Megan's panties are now OFF... oh yeah... I get my camera straight onto her crotch and we watch her move her hands in a way that we cannot see the goodies... but it is still really hot to watch hand movement on her crotch...

She still has her panties off... and she is on her back... I shoot down on her cropping her pussy out of frame... BUT... knowing that it is NAKED and RIGHT THERE... is mind blowing! Especially when her hands go down out of frame and you can hear them rub over her pussy.

Still on her back... side view... Megan puts her legs up into the air... to see her lower half naked and legs up in the air is another beautiful thing! It looks so much like she is masturbating... she has her hand over her pussy and legs spread. Her tits are showing through that sheer top... her face has that... "I'm on my back" look... and as I move my camera above her to shoot down... she has that "fuck me" look on her face!

She is dfinitely turned on...

I got her kneeling... because we like it when a girl is kneeling on hard wood right... I shot down from over top of her and had her look up at the camera while she rubbed her hands over her pussy. THEN I made her get face down ass up from the side and rub her crotch all the while she looked at the camera!

Hotter than hell knowing how uncomfortable she was on her knees rubbing her crotch while her face is down and her ass is up :)

Now... she is sitting on her asshole with her legs open... I got my camera right between her legs and aimed it at her pussy. Of course her hand was over it... but she gave it a couple of "sqeeze rubs" and you could hear "wet pussy" noises...

By now you would think that she is out of tease options... just do yourself Megan! (she doesn't do herself... so don't get over excited)

On her knees again... and facing away... Megan takes off that sheer top. She is NAKED now. She stands in the corner with her face up in the extreme heat, crosses her legs, put her curly locks over her nipples, and stands there and makes some of the hottest faces I have ever seen. She plays with her hair, looks at the camera... all the while she is trying to breathe in that hot motherfucking sauna heat!

She can't take it any longer... she squats downward... and keeps playing with her hair and looking into the lense. She moves forward into the fuck me like a dog position... and rocks back and forth... your giving it ot her slow and easy... is all you have to imagine :)


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