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Coffee w/ Dawn [da-gold-7]

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Coffee w/ Dawn   |    01:30:52 Total Video Runtime   |  XXX

Hang out with Dawn for an hour and a half on the back porch and in the pool.

Watch her drink coffee and smoke cigerettes naked, shake her tits and just hang out for the first 45 minutes.

The last 45 minutes (the HOTTEST) you get to see Dawn tanning on her pool floatie NAKED! As I watched this back to get screencaps for the store... I could not help but to get excited (if you know what I mean). Watching Dawn lying on her floatie making sure that she does not float away and that you can see her hot motherfucking ass is just an inside hot thought. (what a slut my girlfriend is) The more I think of it... and knowing how much of an exhibitionist she is... I am sure that her pussy was juicy wet as she lie there knowing that you may be jerking off to her foot soles and ass.

If the above paragragh wasn't hot enough for ya... then think of the same things I said as she turns over with ehr legs opened and her pussy facing the camera.

I was going to let her tan and just do kind of a voyeur type show... but when you GF is nake and in the pool... you cannot help yourself but to go fuck with her. So I got the plant watering attachment for our hose and started to spray her pussy with water. At some point she took over and gave you guys that were watching a nice live orgasm in the pool... hehehe

Another GREAT part of this video... is that when she was getting ready to do her econd gold show... the doorbell rang. The surprised look on her face when she found out who it was is PRICELESS... and then she said goodbye and signed off... LOL

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