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Crotch Rubbing [st-zip-1]

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Crotch Rubbing   |   77 Images   |    4:49 Total Video Runtime   |   54 MB

Our first glimpse of what Seanna looks like behind closed doors when she masturbates!!! Hell yeah!

I convinced Seanna to do a lot of crotch rubbing in this set... and she did.

After a little teasing around with a loli pop... Seanna spanks herself with it and it breaks. That was hot! Let's focus on her pretty little crotch now...

Sitting back in the green chair... Seanna's legs are open... cuz that is how I like them. She rubs and teases her pussy though her sheer white panties for awhile... and then she snaps into a slim jim and gives herself a panty slim jim...

This video is 4:49 in length... and not the greatest I will have to tell you. But if you like Seanna... then collect this set you must :)

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