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DawnAvril Zip Set #5 [da-zip-5]

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Zipset #5 : DawnAvril - 1st Time Dildo Fucking Herself   |   102 Images   |    00:40:37 Total Video Runtime   |  3 GB

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So I got all dolled up to go do a sexy photoshoot. I end up making my photographer very uncomfortable by asking him to film me fucking myself...

He reluctantly hits the record button. He eventually got over his stigma, getting very close and personal. So close that you can hear how wet my pussy was when I rammed my purple dildo in and out of my tight little box :)

Hearing his breathing while he moved his camera slowly over my body, knowing that he's watching my face and uncontrollable trembling was an indescribable euphoria. I imagine he felt the same way, because we scheduled another appointment to take pictures of me. And I can't wait for it!

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