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FDAU Univerity Naughty Baby Oil Schoolgirl [mqt-zip-6]

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Zipset #6 - Baby Oil Schoolgirl   |   151 Images   |    239 Screen Caps   |    00:26:27 Total Video Runtime   |   697 MB

The 151 picture set includes lots and lots of shiny, leggy, curvy, curly, sexy pictures of Megan. To include pictures of her finger touching her butthole, a side topless shot, and tons of compromising sexual positions!

THis 27 minute HD video starts out with Megan kneeling in a chair while I drip and pour baby oil onto her plaid booty short wearing ass. Megan rubs it in like a good schoolgirl... she even gets soem real nice "rub it into the ass crack" rubs!

Ass all shined up... Megan turns around and sits in her chair. She displays pours baby oil all over her sheer top and starts to rub it into her tits. Now we have a baby oil soaked mesh top and Megan rubbing and tweeking her tits. Oh snap... top is up over her tits now and she is tweeking nipples and giving us tiny glimpses of some nipple.

Oh yeah... now it's time to get the crotch area all shined up. Megan pours and rubs it in so nicely... your eyes cannot leave the screen! She lifts her legs up and now we have shiny detailed ass cheeks in our face... oh legs spread wide open now... and she wicked weasel (slims) her panties over her crotch!

I keep my camera trained on her crotch... and she pulls them down a bit and slides her hand into them and starts to rub her pussy. She is groping herself under there! Fuck me!

Megan peels her panties half way down her ass and pours baby oil all down it. It runs down her phat ass like rain water on a windshield. WOW@@@

She pulls the panties down and rubs up and down with both hands... she keeps it covered... but shit man... the actiona and the wet sounds will kill you! THe way the light is hitting her ass... it is so shiny... you can even see her little blond fuzzy hairs... they look hot!

Megan gets the yard stick now... she must have been a naughty girl. She gives us a little leg and ass how... some booty bouncing and grinding!  She grinds her hips like she desperately needs cock inbetween her legs! (I know she banged herself a good one after this set... she was obviously turned on big time!)

Panties down below her ass cheeks aain... she is credit card swiping her ass with her hand... oh yeah... she turns around and faces the camera. Hand on her crotch... she is kind of dancing/hip grinding to the background music. She crosses her legs and you can see her entire crotch "triangle" :)

Megan covers herself again with her panties and top... gets down on all fours and slides the yard stick between her legs, back and forth over her crotch! She thongs her boy shorts up her ass crack and gives us some more ass grinding booty popping! I get my camera right up into that shit! See this... you gotto!

She starts banging that ass up and down and I dropped a load of baby oil onto her ass... hot!

Megan takes off her platforms and shows off her legs and ass all while on her back. Her feet right at the top of y frame and her shiny legs running all the way down to her ass...

Megan opens her legs and grinds her hips some more... kind of dance teasing / cum and fuck me teasing us. This shit is hot stuff! Especially from the above her view... use your imagination my friends :)

Her hands slip down into the panties again and you can hear the "wet sounds" again. She pulls the panties to the side as if she wanted to show us her pussy... but her hand wascovering the goods... but it was lovely to watch how badly she moved those panties to the side. Megan is being naughty!

Megan is now on her side... with her shinny fucking ass to the camera. She pulls the panties down just enough to reveal right where her asshole is. You can't see it... but one more milimeter and you can. She touches her asshole with her middle finger... dang!

Don't miss this video gents!

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