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Fucked From Behind [da12b1_005]

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DawnAvril - Fucked From Behind   |   6.5 Min. of Video  |  468 MB

Fucked From Behind
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This video is also available on Exposed.DawnAvril.com

So I was in my office working late one night (back when Dawn and I were together of course) and Dawn came in to kiss my goodnight. She looked so hot in her little baby doll nightgown that I had recently bought her from Victoria's Secret!

I dopn't recall the panties she wore... but they were certainly on the floor!

I do remember getting me some ass grab action while we stood and kissed... I looked over my shoulder and saw my empty chair... I could only see her leaning over the back rest with her ass facing me... so that's where I positioned her.

I ripped my pants down and went to put it in... her pussy was soaked already just from the kissing and ass grabbing :) I began to fuck her from behind.

After a couple of minutes... I was debating on recording it... but you know if you go for the camera everytime... sometimes you get yelled at. Like... can't you just fuck me and leave the camera alone for once. Shit like that is a real mood killer... so I was dying to record this reaming I was about to give her. And I was hesitant as hell too!

Finally... thank goodness that I am a sinner and gave into temptation... I grabbed the camera, which was just sitting there on my desk begging me to use it... lol!

And that is about where the video pics up... I hope you Njoy watching some really raw stuff! Dawn cums from the good fucking I gave her... watching and listening to her intensity and tension release is fucking FABULOUS!

Oh Oh... this is one of those rare times that I just came... usually I have to get a good jerk on it you know... but she felt so good, so tight, her moans and sounds were KILLING me... and when you look down and see that hot ass tramp stamp, her ass cheeks getting shoved up and down with each thrust... what can you do???

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