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Hand Cuffed Baby Oil Marathon [mqt-zip-1]

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Zipset #1 Baby Oil   |   499 Images   |    00:06:25 Total Video Runtime   |   283 MB

This zipset includes 499 way hot pictures of Megan from her early days (18 years old), a video over 6 minutes in length at 720x480 resolution, and 288 screencaps.

This was shot at Megan's apartment. This zip set has nostalgic value to it because it was the first time that Megan performed so sexually. Don't get me wrong... she did not do herself... well maybe she did later after I left... but not for the set.

I talked Megan into trying to make more money by rubbing baby oil all over herself while wearing a white top that would become see through after being soaked in baby oil.

If the 499 pictures taken during this set does not say anything to you... then I do not know what else to say to convince you to know how freaking hot this set is.

Towards the end of the set... I decided to handcuff Megan's hands behind her back... so that the only place she could rub baby oil into herself was her on her ass... oh yeah!

I really njoyed shooting this stuff... especially when it was quiet... and Megan was rubbing her ass... and still rubbing her ass... and still quiet... and I know that she is slightly uncomfortable with the situation... and she is still rubbing her ass... and um... yeah that's how that went.

The video is 6 minutes long and contains all of the hot rubbing action... some seriously wide spread legs... some cute/sexy looks from Megan... and the handcuffed ass rubbing I described above.

If you like Megan... this is a hot one!

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