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Holly - Baby Oil II [hy-zip-4]

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Zipset #4 : Baby Oil II   |   18 Pictures   |   24:42 Minute Video   |   553 MB

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phil-flash --> Holly starts this video off in a couch bang position. She is in all fours and banging her ass into the couch... so we can visualize what she looks like taking the dick from behind :)

Then I hand her the baby oil bottle and she starts to shine. She is now sitting on the floor with her legs open and rubbing it in. THere is a nice close shot of her little tits getting some rub down action!

Then Holly lays on her back (like a good girl) and spreads her legs wide like I like it you know... I pour baby oil onto her tits and then onto her little panty covered pussy. She rubs it in under the panties... wow... ot hear the wet sounds as she rubs her pussy!

I got a real close shot with the camera right up on her ass and dropped a drenching shot of baby oil right in her crack... Holly's little ass show is friggin awesome! She even says... "Do you like the wet noise it makes?" as she is rubbing her pussy underneath those panties.

About half way through the video... I got our resident dumb little slut to remove her panties... now she is on her back rubbing her pussy really good. Then I get her over to her favorite position... all fours again. She rocks back and forth while she rubs that little box.

So Holly tries to pull off a really subtle fake orgasm in order to get me to stop taping. I think she was so hot that she wanted to do it up right... but didn't want to do it up right on camera... you know... she was not quite ready.

But you know me... I am not done... until I am done! I get her into a squatting position and make her do the ah... "squat bounce"... one of my favorite views of a girl... cuz you can imagine them on top and fucking themsleves.

I zoomed into her foot with her pink painted toenails looking like candy, her cute toes all curled up in those black heels and she starts stroking the heell... THAT WAS HOT! Then I get her back into the squat bounce AGAIN... and make her bounce some more.

Holly --> Baby Oil... My FAVORITE!!! This is by far the most scandalous you have ever seen me!!! Are you ready for that?! I'm sure you are!!

But prepare yourself for some a$$ bumping ... dirty as can be scenes... and I put the baby oil on every single part of my body... rubbing it everywhere isn't even the right way to put it!!!

I guess you will have to check it out for yourselves... ENJOY!!!!

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