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Hungarian Shorts [candid_002]

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Candid - Hungarian Shorts   |   74 Images   |    52.7 MB

Here is a little collection of Hungarian girls wearing shorts! I love the rush of "hunting". I really understand now... why hunters love hunting so much. I always thought it would have to be the most boring time... out in the woods, fighting bugs, alone, and just sitting there waiting... and waiting... but then the game comes along and your heart starts pounding. Your brain goes into overdrive thinking of how to kill this prey. What angle... where is it going... left or right...

Anyway... these pics are pretty awesome. Some girls have big butts... some are older... etc. I am sure that you will like to check out at least one of the girls I stole pictures of :) hehehe

The one girl with the super tight jean shorts on... she has red hair and is wearing glasses... well... dam her shit was tight. I will give her a 5 on the good looks scale... but what makes her an 8... is the imaginations :) you have to imagine that her booty short panties (My guess is booty shorts... based on the panty line that you can see in the from behind shots I nailed of her) are nice and moist down there... then you have to imagine what color are they... are they lacy or plain... yeah... it drives you fucking nuts right...

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