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Get your hands on this... you must! The lost tapes have been found! My best buddy "Nobody" (Janessa Brazil's Webmaster) who shot a lot of this video finally found the tapes in his moving boxes in his garage!

I have been holding onto these pictures hoping that one day the tapes would be found... and now that they have been found... it's time for all of you to get to see!

You get over 400 High Resolution Pictures. I did not resize these at all! You also get... the Lost Tapes video footage! Unedited... Uncensored... Uncut! That's 1 Hour and 25 Minutes of 1280x720 HD Drunk Girls Madness! Click on the thumbnail below for actual image size...

Highlights include:

  • 400 Full Resolution Pictures
  • 1 Hour & 25 Minutes of Drunk Girl Video Footage
  • MeganQt sucking titties, kissing girls, and panty scissoring Janessa Brazil
  • Andrea Adams getting trashed by a BUNCH of drunk girls
    • Andrea getting spit on
    • Ass smacked
    • Dildoed to orgasm by DawnAvril & Janessa Brazil
    • Fucked by Janessa Brazil
    • Sucking random dude's cock and trying to get his limp dick hard (he drank too much)
  • DawnAvril stripper style booty & lap dancing
  • Too many tits to count
  • And much more drunk girl crazinessssssssss!

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