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MeganQt 1st Shoot - Limited Edition [mqt-unedited-1]

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MeganQt First Shoot - Unedited/Unreleased   |   7 Sets - 344 Images    |  339MB

This was the first time that I shot Megan for her site MeganQt.com. She was 18 years old by a month and a few days... she was what I like to call... FOTB --> fresh out of the box!

All 7 of these sets were released on her site and within the members area of phil-flash.com. However... I have gone through the originals again... and this time... I did not delete any pictures nor did I edit any of them... so you are getting the entire shoot in RAW form.

There are pictures in this package that have never seen the light of day... there are pictures that Megan wanted me to delete because she thought she looked stupid or something... but this go around... Megan has no say.

This set of 7 undeleted/unedited photo sets includes 95 pictures that have never been seen before... get it now while it's hot!

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