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Mesh = Non Nude??? [ndn-zip-3]

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Sheer = Non Nude???   |   239 Images   |   194 Screen Caps   |    00:30:11 Total Video Runtime   |   970.4 MB

So NIkki runs out of the shoe and wardrobe room with a white sheer top on, white panties, and some hot ass Buffalo brand shoes. I told Nikki that she had a little fuzzy on the crotch of her panties and she rubbed and rubbed and rubbed her crotch for quite a while just to get that fuzzy off!

Then she knelt down with her thonged ass faceing me and started to bounce a little and shove her ass into our faces.

Now Nikki lies down on her back and pushes her crotch up into the air towards my camera. Shooting down on this hot fucker is um... HOT! There is some nice camel toe crotch going on... especially after she runs her fingers over her crotch several times. THEN... Nikki mkaes her panties into a slim little wicked weasel and displays that for the video camera.

Nikki crawls on her hands and knees... looking hotter sexy as hell... then she stops, gets on her knees, and starts bouncing up and down to the music... she flips over onto her but and puts her legs into the air and caresses her lovely thigh meat!

Oh... then the legs get spread WIDE! The look that she makes into the camera lense is like... whoaaaah! She wants me (the viewer). I stand right over top of this legs spread wide slut and shoot down on her... then... ooops... my lotion cum bottle drops a few loads of lotion onto her stomach, tits, and crotch.

Now NIkki has the bottole... and she drops lots and lots of little lotion droplettes onto herself... and then she drops lots and lots onto her nippled and rubs it all in! Now down to her crotch... there are about 8 droplets on her white panties... and she slowly rubs it in with her sexy fingers. Wow... you never really get to see Nikki rub her crotch like this!!!

After FOREVER being on her back with her legs open... I got Nikki on her knees again and we got some lotion on that ass for her to rub in. The up ankgle from the floor is a... um... lovely point of view! You can see hints of her hot little asshole too!

Would you believe it... Nikki is now on the couch... but her legs are spread open wide again! Fucking hot shit!

I convinced Nikki to trust me and take her panties off and let them dangle around her ankle. She kept her hand over her cortch... but I got her to spread her legs real wide and I even got her to bring her hands up off of her crotch... but I did not film her EXPOSED pussy though... I had to maintain my trust with her... (FUCK)! I did see her pussy though... and man it's a nice one let me tell you :)

THe last five minutes... which is a long 5 minutes let me tell you... Nikki rubs herself (still no panties on) and gives us some "Oh God's" and a few sexual sounds... and man it looks like she is slowly masturbating!

This video is certainly beat your meat material... if you have an imagination and you like Nikki :)

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