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Naked Baby Oil Pool [hy-zip-2]

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Zipset #2 : Baby Oil Pool   |   61 Images   |   26:50 Minute Video   |   784 MB

phil-flash --> Holly looks fantastic wearing little hot socsk and white platform heels. Add a baby oil pool to that and you got soem serious hotness!

Holly ends up nude in this set/video. You can see her in all kinds of sexual positions, rubbing the baby oil into her tanned skin.

I am pretty proud of myself... ahem... I mean... I am pretty proud of Holly... I got her to rub her pussy in this video... so we all get to see what she looks like doing what WAS "PRIVATE" to her... YES! :)

Holly --> This zip set ... was by far one of the sexiest thing i've ever done.... I was very nervous b/c I wanted to get freak nasty but I was in front of phil... BUT... it was really simple... it was almost like he wasn't even there... I just got it done lol!!

Which was a good thing for me and for all of you!!! It was soooo slippery in the pool and such a turn on slippin and slidin everywhere.... and fun at the same time!!! It is definetly classified as one of the craziest things ive ever done... Baby oil will never be the same... after what I did with it!!

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