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Naked & Nervous [st-zip-4]

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Zipset #4   |   97 Images   |   29 Screencaps    |    7:43 Total Video Runtime   |   220.1 MB

This is the first time that Seanna has every been fully nude. She does not show her pussy... but to see her naked and nervous it fucking hot! I liked the fact that for the entire video she was um... UNCOMFORTABLE!

She does lick a nipple... that was friggin hot to see her tongue come out of her mouth from the side and lick it. She also rubbed her naked pussy... the look on her face... especially when she looked into my camera lense is priceless!

I wanted to make this naked bitch as uncomfortable as possible... so I got her on all fours on the hard wooden bench... and had her reach around and rub her pussy. I shot from above so you can see her slender sexy back and ass cheeks.

By time the video ends... you can see fuck me written all over Seanna's forehead... her eyes are begging for it! She was totally turned on :) See this... you must!

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