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Never B4 Seen This Way [pbe-zip-1]

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Zipset #1 :Lotion Sexual-Ness   |   360 Images   |  26:18 Minute Video   |   295 MB

Princess Blueyez Preview Video

This set started out as a normal set with the Princess's tits taped and under a sheer shirt. She was going to apply lotion sexily and blah blah blah... another update for her site right?

Well... we started taking the pictures and the set became hotter and hotter... (360 images total). The facial expressions that Cass was making into my camera were amazing! Never before seen stuff!

She kept on... and kept on. If she did not have a boyfriend who had total power over how far she goes... THIS COULD HAVE TURNED INTO A FULL FLEDGED MASTURBATION SCENE! UGH!

We decided on her just stripping off a shirt to show her taped titties and how beautifully they hang... and then she just gets on the floor and poses really hot for us. Then comes the ah... lotion... which in my world... when it is dropped on the body equates to a load of ah... yeah you know what I am talking about. Thank goodness for imaginations!

26 minutes later... we have seen Cass rub lotion all over herself, under her panties, over her panties, in her crack... sexual positions, feet... you name it... you get to see it!

This video is the most AMAZING video I have ever seen cass in! It is the closest to porn she has EVER gotten! (minus the home sex tapes that she told me about) hehehe

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