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Next Door Nikki VS. Misty Anderson [ndn-zip-2]

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Next Door Nikki VS. Misty Anderson   |   133 Images   |    00:14:56 Total Video Runtime   |  495.7 MB

THis set was shot back when Misty was still a non nude model... so to see her tits and Nikki's tits in sheer tops was quite a treat!

The video starts with Nikki blind folding Misty and taking her upstairs. She hand cuffs her to the bed on all fours and starts smacking her hot ass! Watching Misty jump and flinch to each smack is really hot! Nikki gets Misty's ass nice and red!

The girsl giggle inbetween the smacks... Misty wanted to take her turn on Nikki... but Nikki did not have enough... Nikki was like... I like watching your ass jump after I smack it... LOL

So now Nikki is down on all fours like a dog... and Misty starts smacking her ass. Misty had less mercy on Nikki though... she was popping that ass. The smacks get more and more solid... Misty says... "I told you I would get you back!"

Just when Misty is finished with Nikki... Nikki wants another turn at Misty... so she turns her around and starts slapping... Misty's ass matches her shirt now... LOL

Misty takes another turn on Nikki as well... I got a great face shot reaction... so hot right after she got a good one!

The two slap happy girls carry on for the entire 15 minutes of video slappin each others asses and giggeling like llittle girls... this is HOT STUFF!


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