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NN Bang & Loli Pop Suck [kk-zip-2]

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Zipset #2 : NN bang / Loli Pop Head   |   78 Images   |   18:17 Minute Video  |  234 HD Screencaps  |  511 MB

phil-flash --> My concept for this set was to get Kristi doing some motions of SEX... so I had her suck a loli pop and get on all 4's and rock back and forth. So now you can imagine that she is getting fucked from behind and sucking cock from the front. :)

The video starts out with Kristi sucking on her loli pop... she rolls over... spreads her legs... and literally gives her blue sheer-esque panties a taste of it. On her back.. legs open... loli pop in her mouth <-- Kristi looks fantasticly fuckable! She reaches down with one hand and touches herself through her panties... I move the camera to her face and we watch her lips taking that loli pop...

I get the camera between her burning legs and we just watch her from there... she looks so inviting on her back with her legs open... and looks in her face and eyes that I have never seen before... hehe!

Now we get into my concept... Kristi gets in all 4's and gives the loli pop head. Watching her head bob up and down is a beautiful thing. She licks and sucks the pop... reaches back with her other hand and starts squeezing her ass cheeks... yowza!

She takes the pop and starts slapping her ass and pussy with it... back to sucking it off... she is squeezing the shit out of her ass cheeks again... then to her pussy for a squeeze... she's rocking back and forth.... squeezing... sucking... life is getting great!

After rocking back and forht for that long... she had to feel silly... even though she was turned on... but I ket her doing it :) I like making girls feel stupid!

I changed it up on her... I had her straddle the arm rest of the couch and bounce up and down on it... that was really friggn hot watching her hair bounce around and stuff. Her panties were creeping up in that pussy... so I came in for some close up action. Kristi rubbed and slapped her pantie covered pussy with that loli pop again.

I got behind her so we could see that lovely ass bang into the couch. Yeah fuck that arm rest bitch! I pulled back for a wide shot of the entire scene... she looks rediculous/hot! This is the closest to porn we are gonna get with Kristi!

Kristi starts grinding her pussy back and forth on the arm rest... she has to be turned on! I bet a million dollars that when she went back to her hotel room that night, that she beat that pussy up! hehehe

Kristi's top comes off so now she is bare backed, hair bouncing, and pussy and ass banging!

Towards the end... my brilliant mind told me to get some sound effects from her... lol... so i asked her to make some sighs and pleasure sounds...from Kristi's description and the way she ended teh video... I would guess she had an orgasm. I don't know for sure... but something was different with her :)


Kristi --> Put urself in my socks. Imagine being bent over the couch sucking on a sweet lolipop while foundling my pleasure points. Oh my god, how sexy it feels. 

At times i would close my eyes and pretend someone else was in the room watching me and helping me perform. Petting my see through panties with not only my wet fingers but also with my sweet sticky lolipop that i was sucking slowly on previously.

The things i could do with that lolipop. Watch me work myself up until im about to..till im about to..ahhh..im about to...(click to understand the rest)

luv always kk

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