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Pantyhose Pornstar [da-ph-1]

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Pantyhose Pornstar   |   58 Images   |   00:29:38  Video (2)  |  1.42 GB

The first video is a behind the scenes video... 15:50 in length and shot in 1280x720 full HD. Watch Dawn put her panties on and then her pantyhoes. You get to see how Dawn is before she performs...

The second video is 13:48 in length and shot in the same 1280x720 full HD resolution as the behind the scenes video.

Video Concept: Dawn learns how to do fake orgasms like a "real pornstar"... watch Dawn become uncomfortable having to jump on the porn producers couch and start masturbating and have to fake an orgasm...

Watch as I make her pose in different positions and fake orgasms... the control factor and Dawn's obvious "on the spot discomfort" are priceless!

Then... to my complete surprise... when I got her into the legs super wide position she starts trying to fake another orgasm... and unbeknownst to be... she was really turned on by this point... and she brings her little pantyhose wearing self to a REAL ORGASM...

This turned me the freak on... it was absolutely beautiful to see her get so turned on by my little video concept and have an actual orgasm.

Don't forget... there are 58 high resolution pictures as well as the two videos... start downloading ASAP.

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