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Schoolgirl Spanks / Baby Oil Sluts [mqt-zip-2]

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Zipset #2 Megan & Karen Dreams   |   653 Images   |    00:45:36 Total Video Runtime Video   |   607 MB

The first of two sets... the Schoolgirl Spanks set starts out with Megan & Karen trying on schoolgirl outfits. This half of the video is a fun to watch... you can see the two girls that JUST met interact.

Then we go into the second half of the video. Wow... I got the girls into some crazily suggestive poses... and had them doing lots of hot stuff. At one point Megan starts to lick Karen's chest (not her tits)... but the open mouthness and hot tongue of MeganQt is hotter than hell!

The schoolgirls got into a fight over a boy... so they got out their ruler from their backpacks and started to spank eachother... wow! This shit is CLASSIC!

THEN... I dunno where this idea came from... oh... actually I know. I wanted the girls to kiss... but at this point in time... Megan would not do this in front of a camera... so I told my video guy to go up to the top bunk with a bottle of water. I had him pour it down into the open mouths of my little schoolgirl sluts. I wanted their tongues to "accidentally touch" while trying to lap up the water. This scene serves as a dual fold mental imagination-ism --> firstly... you can see their tongues almost if not touch... secondly... you can imagine that they are open mouthed and starving for the cum load to CUM down on their faces :) hehehe

Oh... one last thing. This set got the girls really heated up. I garantee that if I left them alone... Megan would up devoured Karen's tight little pussy. They would have got some serious girl/girl freak on. Some of the looks that Megan made with her face... um... I have NEVER seen...

The Baby Oil Sluts set... this was quite njoyable! The video is one of those that you just don't let end :) It is 29 minutes long... if that tells you anything. What I would do to go back in time and let the girls have like 4 shots each and then start this set. Ah yeah... that would have been fabulous...

The video starts out with the girls in the 69 position... with Megan underneath. The baby oil comes out rather quickly... Karen starts teasing Megan with the bottle and you can tell that megan is getting turned on for real. Karen smoothly pulls Megan's legs back and put her into the pile driver position.

Baby oil gets poured right onto Megan's crotch... I am shooting down with the "ceiling cam"... all you can see is her wet crotch, legs wide open, and her red face between her legs. Both girls are now caressing Megan's legs and ass...

Now the ceiling cam shows Karen's red face between her spread wide legs... and Megan's hands all over her thonged and baby oild ass... how fucking lovely! Megan even got a few swipes on Karen's pussy with her thumbs as she rubbed up her inner thighs.

Megan lowers her head towards Karen's ass... you can tell she wanted to eat that pussy. The atmosphere in this room is... HOT! It's like the girls are doing everything they possibly can... without having sex...

This double set... will blow your friggin mind!

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