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Seanna... Babysitter... & Babyoil [st-zip-2]

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Seanna... The Babysitter... and Babyoil (Double Set Zip Set)   |   114 Images   |   2149 Webcam Caps    |    15:26 Total Video Runtime   |   205.9 MB

This zip set contains two super hot sets of my ex baby sitter Amy and Seanna Teen.

The first set... was baby ass play! Let me tell you... if I would have left the room... these girls would have eaten each other alive. I had them rubbing baby oil into every bit of each others asses for 15 minutes straight.

It seemed like forever... it was so hot. Just making them sit on top of each other and squirt baby oil and rub and squirt more baby oil and rub every milimeter of ass meat was exciting, you know... the power... the control over two girls who just want that pile of cash at the end of the day... and they are willing to humiliate themselves and rub another girls ass FOREVER...

Ok... yeah I seem like I njoy this to much right... well I DO! And you will too if you get this zip set!

Amy started off sitting her crotch on Seann'a lower back and just rubbed and squirted baby oil and rubbed... just like I told her to. Then when it was time to switch... you could see the hesitation in Seanna... cuz she was loving it!

Seanna was so turned on... she did not for her Amy's ass yet. She leaned her back while she sat on her asshole... and poured baby oil down and all over Amy's see through panties. Seanna teased Amy's pussy for awhile and then she turned her over to her tummy.

Now with Seanna sitting on Amy's lower back and Amy's ass and crotch in front of my video camera... Seanna poured baby oil right onto that little g-string butt floss thong Amy was wearing. Seanna rubbed and squeezed ass meat... she even got a few rubs down on Amy's pussy. Amy even started reaching back and rubbing her own pussy and ass crack a few times.

Now with Amy on her back... legs open and see through baby oil soaked panties in plain view... the two girls hands start diving down into the panties and giving Amy's clit some little touches.

This was abuse Amy day... because now we have her back on her belly with her little bubble ass in front of the camera again and Seanna's hands all over those cheeks and pussy.

Babysitter = EXPLOITED NOW! :)

THe second set... the girls have traded a striped sock and they played around on webcam. (There is no cam video... at this time all I could do was get screen caps... over 2000 caps btw). The screen caps include a tongue to nipple shot... where Amy licks Seanna's nipple. That is extremely rare and really hot to see!

I also took 148 pictures of them... I got some really hot poses. You can see some of them above in the previews...

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