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Spanked... Spanked... and Spanked!!! [ndn-zip-5]

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Spanked... Spanked... and Spanked!!!   |   26 Images   |    114 Screen Caps   |    00:24:26 Total Video Runtime   |   485.3 MB

This was the first time that NIkki shot with her new bf in attendance. THis worked out very well. He helped me shoot this zip set and he pretty much abused Nikki's ass like you know... like we would all love to if we had her in our bedroom.

This set is a great glimpse into Nikki's private life let me tell you. She LOVES to get beat and treated like shit! I was a walking hard on with the video camera almost the enitre set.

First let me tell you... that I set up a video camera to capture Nikki's face while she got her ass beat! It is quite a treat to watch her jump aound, flinch, and make the ouch face!

Nikki's bf shoves her into the couch and rips off her soffe shorts... he wastes no time and starts flogging her. Then he takes the feather tickler and teases her ass with it.

Shit man... he grabs a wooden sppon and gives her a few wacks... and then he is nailing her with a whip.

He takes off his belt and starts in on her... then to a yard stick... her ass is red as hell! He wacks her with that yard stick and we get to see her jump and fall to her side from the pain...

Now some hand slapping is in order... he slaps the shit out of her ass and gives it a super man handle squeeze. Man... Nikki is quite the submissive little fucker. She is taking this 14 minute beating like a champ!

Here is another treat for you... we all know that Nikki does not do dildos... at least on camera... or for public consumptiion... but to see her get hit with a big ol black double dong was quite fun! I felt like I was taking her to another level with at least an appearance of a dildo in her video.

BF runs it up and down her ass crack and gives her some seriously solid whacks with it. He even swung it like a baseball bat with two hands :)

We end the vdieo getting some close up action of the DAMAGE DONE to that paw print tattooed ass...



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