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Stripper Pole Dance / Getting Off in the Sauna [ms-zip-1]

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Stripper Pole Dance / Getting Off in the Sauana   |   146 Images   |   28 Screencaps    |    00:19:37 Total Video Runtime   |   204.7 MB

Dressed in a white t-shirt, a red thong barely covered by a denim thong, and red HIGH HEELED platforms... Megan strip teases us on the "p-f pole" for 5 minutes.

Then she picks up her bottle of baby oil and walks to the sauna room. She sits down on the bench with her lovely legs opened up and starts to apply baby oil to her pretty tits. Her hand goes under her panties with the quickness and starts ah... making her feel real good you might say... all the while she massages and squeezes her little nipples.

Kneeling in the corner of the sauna Megan awaits for the p-f cool-down. You see she was getting too hot... t totally to dam soon! So I dumped a pitcher of cold ass water down her back and ass crack... hehehe!

Now still in the corner... but this time her back to the corner... Megan gets her hand back under those panties and starts at it again! And of course... I give her another cold shower :)

Now Megan is sitting on her asshole... on the bench.... and I pour water all over her tits, belly, and crotch. Watch her eyes track the pour and her mouth open expressing her erotic pleasures of being tortured by the p-f water treatment.


Now on her hands and knees... well... on her one hand and knees with her wet bubble butt facing my camera... she reaches back with that second hand and rubs her wet panties. This is hot shit let me tell you! (yeah... I am watching it right now as I write this)

For the rest of the video... you get to watch Megan sitting on her ass with her legs opened up... like a good girl. You get to hear her breating hasten... while her hand is down her panties. You also get to see me pour her final cool down water dump all over her shiny slutty body... and all of the giggles, faces, expressions, etc. that go with the cool down water dump!

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