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Teen Kasia

Teen Kasia

Meet Teen Kasia... if you haven't already! Kasia was 19 at the time of these shoots! She has to be one of the all time greatest solo girls that ever hit the WWW!

If you are interested in all 81 photo sets and 91 videos that I have shot of her... you can get it all at my site phil-flash.com.

If you want to see what she is all about... by all means... grab a set and see how awesome Kasia is!

Teen Kasia 01 - Jeans N Heels
Today Only $1.95

Teen Kasia 04 - Number 12
Today Only $1.95

Teen Kasia 05 - Spiked Heels
Today Only $0.99
Teen Kasia 18 - Denim Thong
Today Only $4.98

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