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the LOST Tapes [tlt]

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the LOST Tapes   |   426 Images   |   1Hr 25 Min. Uncut Tape Rip  |  4.41 GB

the LOST Tapes
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the LOST Tapes... have been found! Here is the story...

After the Phoenix Forum... my buddy "Nobody" brought the tapes home with him accidentally in his camera bag. Shortly after the Forum... he sold his house and moved. And guess what happened during the move?

Yes you are correct genius! He lost my tapes during his move. Let me tell you... hearing that news... my heart sunk into my belly! My arms went numb... my chest became very light... and I was nautious and extremely upset.

It cost me a lot of money to fly myself, DawnAvril, MeganQt, Andrea Adams (and two of her friends that I sent home early for being dumb asses) and Janessa out there to Phoenix. Not to mention the cost of the trip... the hotel rooms... AND the PRICELESS CONTENT ON THOSE TAPES!

A few months ago... my buddy Skypes me and says... "yo p-f... I found the TAPES". I had to take a second to make sure this was real... I had let the loss go so I could move on with my life... and now two years later... the tapes are back. Holy shit!

I asked him to rip the tapes and send me the full 200,000,000 million gigs worth of raw video via FTP over the internet. I could not take a chance of the tapes going through the mail.

So now we have the tapes... and I have released them to you...

Highlights include:

  • 400 Full Resolution Pictures
  • 00:01:25:40 of Drunk Girl Video Footage
  • MeganQt sucking titties, kissing girls, and panty scissoring Janessa Brazil
  • Andrea Adams getting trashed by a BUNCH of drunk girls
    • Andrea getting spit on
    • Ass smacked
    • Dildoed to orgasm by DawnAvril & Janessa Brazil
    • Fucked by Janessa Brazil
    • Sucking random dood's cock and trying to get his limp dick hard (he drank too much)
  • DawnAvril stripper style booty & lap dancing
  • Too many tits to count
  • And much more drunk girl crazinessssssssss!

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