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Thirsty - Water Play [ndn-zip-1]

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Zipset #1 Thursty Water Play   |   124 Images   |    00:07:18 Total Video Runtime   |   254.8 MB

This video starts out with me pouring water on Nikki... she opens her hot mouth... puts out that cum thirsty tongue... and takes a few gulps of water.

My camera moves down inbetween her open legs and focuses on her denim thong crotch... it's completely soaked with water and you can see the denim thong going right up the middle of her pussy. That thong is on nice and tight!

Let's focus on her big phat, juicy, wet, peirced tits! That sheer top is um... worthless... why she did not just take it off is beyond me... but you can see Nikki's beautiful tits perfectly! Water keeps getting poured all over her... with lots of focus on her tits and nipples.

The facial expressions that Nikki makes are priceless... you never get to see her make these faces. She is turned on FOR SURE!

OMG... the camera goes between her legs... and to see the water beeded up on her inner thighs is absolutely amazing! It kind of makes you (the viewer) thirsty... :)

Some more slutty open mouth / tongue out water gulps... and then we got Nikki turned around. Take a nice look at that denim seem right up her ass crack... water beeds all over her cheeks, water getting poured down her ass, and her sexy hands feeling and pulling on her cheeks...

Nikki ends the show with a hot peirced tongue lick of some water drops from her chest... and then the camera pans down to the sink... where we see 4 empty water bottles :)

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