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Water Soaked / Dripping Wet [hy-zip-3]

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Zipset #2 : Soaked & Wet   |   19:34 Minute Video   |   508 MB

phil-flash --> This started out as a corny video idea I had. A bunch of friends are hanging out on the porch and Holly spills some water on her white t-shirt . Her friends... all guys... start getting bottles of water and getting her all wet for fun. Well the idea was just to get her wet for this set. But it went further as she started to get turned on by us pouring water all over her body, into her mouth, onto her panties and stuff.

The situation became out of control once the guys start calling her a slut and she is shivering from the cold water... but still wants more water dropped on her pussy as she breathes heavily and rubs it into her panties like the good dumb little slut that she is!

We talk her into spreading her legs open right there in the middle of the porch and rubbing her pussy for us! If you like Holly... this is a must see!

Holly --> Who knew water could be so much fun!? Well when I'm involved anything can turn into a sexual thing lol!! I get wet from my head all the way down to my toes... its one hot hot zip...


I hope you don't mind how wet I am.... anyone have a towel to wipe me off with? I might need ur help... or should I say you might need a towel to wipe off with after you watch this zip..

ENJOY all of the wetness!!!

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