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Wet & Naughty With Ice Cubes [st-zip-3]

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Zipset #3   |   95 Images   |   164 Screencaps    |    12:52 Total Video Runtime   |   418.3 MB

Seanna's third zip set... she is wearing a white wife beater that show her perky little tits and ice hard nipples through. She is standing in the middle of the kitchen... and as soon as she possibly can.. Seanna gets her panties all bunched up and pulled tight into her pussy.

She then sucks and ice cube and rubs her nipples through her shirt. Now you can REALLy see the nips. The ice cube goes down to her peirced belly button as she rubs it round and round. The ice is melting and the water trickles into her panties. You can see it go right down to her clit. This shit is hot!

Seanna lifts her shirt and you can see the goose bumps on her little breasts as she starts around and over her nipples with another ice cube. Poor nipples... they must be freezing... cuz she is getting them good with that ice cube.

Now to the lower region... Seanna has her panties pulled into a super slim jim... right up her pussy and she rubs and melts ice all over. Up and down... to the side of her perfectly shaved pussy.. up and down over her clit. WOW!

Turned around... with her juicy ass taking full frame of my video camera... Seanna rubs and melts another cube of ice down her crack... she spreads one cheek and melts ice in her other hand... dripping it down onto her butthole and ass cheeks. My camera got so close that the water drops splashed my lense. LOL

Seanna does this shit for almost 13 minutes of mind freezing time!

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