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White OTK's [Kandie_Justine_001]

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Kandie Justine - White OTK's   |   122 Images   |   449.2 MB

This was our first set. Kandie was kind of nervous about shooting... (because she liked me)... so I did not intimidate her any more with the video camera. Sorry guys. There is lots of video of Kandie... just hold onto your britches :)

Kandie warmed up rather quickly on this... our first set. It did take me a while to get her to take those panties off... but I did it :)

Once that top comes up and those panties come off... I realized how nice of a body she really has. She is amazing!

Towards the end of the set I noticed that she was making a neat sillouette in my doorway. The set was actually over... but I told her... hold it... that's hot! Stay there! And I shot some more pics.

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