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Extreme Baby Oil Rubdown [mqt-zip-3]

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Zipset #3 Extreme baby Oil Rubdown   |   294 Images   |    00:22:20 Total Video Runtime   |   321 MB

Megan looks the best she ever has in this set. She also does one of the best baby oil rubdowns that she ever has as well. This one is HARD to top :)

Megan starts the video off by giving us some leggy ass poses. She looks fantastic in those platform heels... she cannot wait to start touching herself... she bends over and gets a chunk of ass in her hands... and then here comes the other hand from underneath... all up in her ass crack... yum yum!

She is already down on her hands and knees... you know... doggie style... and my camera is right behind her at ASS LEVEL :) Now Megan extends her left leg out nice and long... and she runs her hand all the way up it form her heels to her ass... oh man you should see that calve muscle when my camera pans past it!

I got my camera lense so close to her pussy you could smell how sweet it must be... then Megan grabs a chunk of ass meat... lifts it... and drops it... watch the jiggle wave!

Now... Megan is on her back on the mattress... I stand over her with the camer right above her crotch... she tightens her panties... slides and hand down into them... and then I pan up to her face... and the little bitch is holding her bottle of baby oil next to her face with a cute smile.

She pours it down her inner thigh... my lense tracks the drips running down her leg... she starts rubbing it in... ah it's getting hot in there now! Megan takes her itme teasing us as she rubs the baby oil into her legs and thighs... then... you know her... she loves her ass more than we possibly could... and there she goes... baby oil running all down her ass cheeks... her hand rubbing it in... her hand goes under the panties and gets a swipe or two of her tight little asshole...

Ok... so now she has to get her legs ALL oiled up... she pours baby oil onto her toes while still in the platforms... that was hot... I dunno why... it just was. She gets her legs all shined up and then she lies back onto her back.

My camera is so close to the action there were droplets of baby oil on my lense. (of course I cleaned my lense and continued) Now Megan's legs are open... and my camera is trained on her crotch. I dunno when she did it... but somehow she got her panties soaked already. Her pussy is literally on display through her now somewhat sheer white baby oil soaked panties! Yum yum!

Now Megan gets on her knees... with her ass still facing the camera. I got the up angle... she thongs her panties up her ass crack... and um... starts to rub ASS! If I did not know any better... I bet Megan could rub her ass crack in the privacy of her apartment and have an orgasm :)

Now Megan sits on her ass... and we have sheer top baby oiled tit view... not for long though... she pulls the top up over her chest like a little tramp and starts rubbing her tits. Spreading her fingers making us HOPE for a nip slip. Dang... not this time!

She lies back and you can see her pink nipples through that sheer top perfectly! Looks hot! Almost nude actually! Oh... she has the top up over her tits again and she is rubbing her nipples. She is trying to slip a nip again. Ok... there was ALMOSt a full nip slip and an oops out of Megan's mouth.

Now standing... Megan starts to rub her ass again and tease us by pulling her panteis down a bit. She manages to get a few swipes up and down and that juicy pussy as well.

Now Megan gets down on her knees and pulls her panties down to her knees :)... she bends over like a dog ready to be fucked and does the old hand thong.  It doesn't matter though... just seeing her there in that super compromising position is hot enough! It is pretty fucking hot watching Megan's hand literally wipe her own naked ass... WOW!

Back to the side shot of her ass... more rubbing... more crotch touching and swiping. Oh wiat... now her hand goes down the back of her panties. Her middle finger could be IN her ass for all I know. Godam this shit is hot! More baby oil gets poured... it's running down her ass cheek like rain water on a window.

Own this set like Megan's owned that bottle of baby oil... you should!

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